Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Morning Glory: Utah's offending street sign.

What's in a name? Morning Glory! Covering a story that goes international.

My editor asks me to check my email and says "you'll want to get on that ASAP," that is it. I open my inbox and see a link to a story out of Provo's local newspaper about a street name change.
I had to explain to readers in Utah why Morning Glory Road was considered offensive by a company and introduce the conservative demographic to a uncommon slang term for when men get an erection in the morning, aka morning wood. Lehi city council approved a change to Morning Vista Road, which has already been updated with a new definition on Urban Dictionary.

The local paper story skirted around the issue of what a company calling for the name change said was an offensive street name. So when I wrote the story I decided to come right out and say it.

Here is my story that went international and garnered emails from the DailyMail in UK asking to use my story and pictures I had taken of the street sign. Also Jim Romenesko contacted me asking me about how I went about reporting the story and what the response has been on what has been one of the hardest stories I had to interview for. It was awkward to report, but it got quite the attention.

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