Sunday, December 2, 2012

Utah Highway Patrol investigative story

Investigating the Blindspot of Discipline at

 the Utah Highway Patrol

In this multi-media story I interviewed a former UHP trooper and he explains some issues with how discipline is inconsistent.

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 See video below.

"To this day, to know how Gary was treated versus how I was treated is frustrating"

The issues go far beyond Trooper Lisa Steed.
I worked with The Salt Lake Tribune colleague Nate Carlisle to investigate and expose the inconsistencies in discipline at UHP.
We went on KUTV Ch. 2 (CBS affiliate) to promote our story.

Click link here to see : Promoting story on KUTV Ch. 2.

Here is the link to our in-depth investigative story. It discusses how one trooper will be treated different and even lose their job while others in similar cases will only be given a verbal warning.

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