Monday, June 6, 2011

Utah SmartPhone Shots

One day I was thinking, "Hey, why do only photos taken with fancy DSLR cameras have a group to share their artistic talent?"

So I started this Flickr group, where you share and view photos taken only with smartphone cameras.

Have you ever taken a photo on your phone or iPod Touch and thought it looked pretty cool for the tool you used and then a real photographer thought it looked like crap? Well maybe it truly did look like crap, but it is still fun to share with others without being intimidated by posting a picture on a blog of pictures done by "professionals."

Now there is a place to share your photos without worrying about someone who has a DSLR laughing at your cheap equipment and wannabe photo skills.

Shooting photos with a smartphone require a different kind of talent and an artistic eye that cannot be captured the same with a Digital SLR camera.

There is no monetary benefit to the group. It is just a fun place to share your artistic talent and see others.

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